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    BI-LAB invites you to experience the world of BI from a purely technical point of view, showing you the full range of possibilities available to start a DW project, in terms of tools.


    We will do an analysis of 10 ETL tools available today in the market, analyzing technical strengths and weaknesses, ranked according to their performances.

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    Contribute with your experience and help me to improve analysis and comments, BI-LAB is for everyone!

Why choose us ?

BI-LAB analyzes all the tools available in the market, without commercial ties, pointing out the faults and the things well done, from a technical point of view.

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what we do ?

We analyze each tool, from experience, from everyday use, evaluate them all on the same basis, no favorites, and share the results with no guard at all.

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Contact BI-LAB, through good or bad reviews. Everything will help to go ahead and make this project grow.

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